Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen

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The Daily Eye:
Donovan Wylie and
Daniel Meadows
at the National Media Museum


The National Media Museum, in a unique collaboration with the Imperial War Museum, is curating and hosting the premiere exhibition of new work exploring the … Read full story.

Hungry Eye Library:
Bruno Bisang
30 Years of Polaroids

Monica Bellucci Paris 1996 by Bruno Bisang


Fashion photographer Bruno Bisang has been looking back through his archive to compile a career defining volume devoted to the test shot.

This is … Read full story.

Hungry Eye Quiz:
Photographer Dimitri Kasterine

DK in Cafe in Greenpoint b 4.5 wide

Born in England but now based in New York, Dimitri has shot stills for Stanley Kubrick, been a friend of Salvador Dali’s and has had … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
Olympus Launches
LS-20 for HD Sound and Movie

LS20M_imageB_1 (Custom)

The Olympus LS-20 Linear PCM digital recorder is the latest addition to Olympus’ music range and builds on the current LS-11 and LS-5 models to … Read full story.

Hungry Eye Report:
The Panasonic AG-AF101 HD
Tested in Hostile Environment

FLD & AF101 resize

When award winning film maker and photojournalist Fiona Lloyd-Davies announced her latest project to embark on a journey to The Democratic Republic of Congo, she … Read full story.

Hungry Eye Quiz:
Photographer Chris Floyd

Chris Floyd

How would you describe yourself?

Internally, below the surface, a raging cauldron of perpetual war on paralysis caused by a split mix of fear of failure and laziness. Externally, above the surface, a warm and calm summer’s day. Sort of like a swan.

What are you currently working on?

I’m finishing the last bits of The Great Twitter Portrait Project, which was where I photographed 140 people I follow on Twitter, 90% of whom I had never met.

Hungry Eye News:
Leica S2 Gets
New Lens Adapters

S-Adapter M645 3D_RGB

Leica is expanding its range of accessories for the Leica S2 professional camera system. From August 2011, three new Leica S-Adapters will be available, allowing … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
Pentax Launches
Limited Edition 645D


Pentax have announced the launch a limited edition of the 645D the ‘Japan’ to celebrate it being named “Camera GP Japan 2011 Camera of The … Read full story.