Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen

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Hungry Eye News:
Masterclass on
Multimedia Storytelling
At Frontline Club

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Storytelling opportunities continue to evolve as a result of technological innovations and an expanding media universe. The digital age is giving documentary photographers and photojournalists … Read full story.

The Dench Diary Live:
The Sometime Working Pro’s
Filmed Reports
From Visa pour l’Image
Perpignan 2011′

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Hungry Eye Contributing Editor and award winning photographer Peter Dench is exhibiting at Visa pour l’Image Perpignan 2011. He is also sending us back short … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
Bailey and Shrimpton Story
Dramatised by the BBC



The BBC has announced the commission of a single drama, We’ll Take Manhattan, which explores the explosive love affair between photographer David Bailey and sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton.… Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
New Exhibition
at Third Floor Gallery,

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The involvement of Western armies in distant conflicts has increased significantly since 2001. The Afghanistan war has now raged for ten years bringing in over … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
Lynne Cohen



James Hyman Photography has announced a solo exhibition of celebrated Canadian photographer Lynne Cohen. Featuring vintage and contemporary works, this miniature retrospective follows the … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
Portobello Film Festival
Begins 2nd Sept 2011

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The Portobello Film Festival was created in 1996 as a reaction to the moribund state of the British film industry, to provide a forum for … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
BFI, London
Celebrates Director Ken Loach’s
75th Birthday

'Cathy Come Home' Directed by Ken Loach


Ken Loach was 75 in June this year but continues to make provocative and emotionally powerful films. The BFI is celebrating England’s most distinguished … Read full story.

Hungry Eye News:
Lee Friedlander: ‘America By Car’
Opens in London


The Timothy Taylor Gallery, London is exhibiting recent work by the influential and critically acclaimed American photographer Lee Friedlander, on display for the first time … Read full story.