Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen

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Hungry Eye is a quarterly journal which brings the world of filmmaking and photography to the professional, the advanced, the inquisitive and the passionate.

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Hungry Eye launched on 1st October 2011.

Vol: two, Issue: 2

As we round off another year, we take stock of a brand new edition.  Issue 2 of Volume 4 has landed at Hungry Eye Towers and we're excited to offer your copy, beautifully packaged and delivered  by Royal Mail. In this issue - Ian Brown of the Stone Roses graces the cover courtesy of northern scenester Ant Mulryan. His feature explores what it means to follow your passions as an image-maker. Spending countless hours trawling music venues in the north of England, Ant has amassed an enviable archive of largely unpublished work. Work that for the first time, appears here… Read the magazine summary here

Vol: four, Issue: 1

The first issue of Volume 4 is here to order. Place your order before they sell out! In the issue, you can expect to find the first of a two-part feature from Features Editor Clive Booth, where he gives us an exclusive peek into his 'Lleachs' project. A deeply personal series of pictures taken over more than 20 years, Lleachs shows the inhabitants of Islay in rare proximity. We have the latest instalment of the Dench Diary coming, or course, from the daily life of a sometime working pro, Peter Dench, (who also provides this editions cover shot). We interview cinematographer Reed… Read the magazine summary here
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Vol: three, Issue: 4

The final issue of Volume three is here. Issue 4 of Volume three - our Winter edition is now available to order, here, directly from the Hungry Eye website. An end-of-volume edition, packed with conversations, monologues, thought provoking and inspirational pieces, produced with some of the most amazing and talented image-makers on the planet; including... Stephen Goldblatt Peter Dench: The Diary of a Sometime Working Pro Mick Rock Joseph Koudelka Rebecca Bathory Sam Levy And a whole lot more within the 134 beautifully printed pages of this, the last issue of Vol.3. Order your copy today and save on the cover price (including delivery).… Read the magazine summary here

Vol: three, Issue: 3

The wait is over. Issue 3 of Volume three - our summer edition is finally here. A bustling compendium that includes features from the ever youthful Peter Dench, the return of Clive Booth and our interview with Cinematographer Phedon Papamichael. Elsewhere in the issue, we learn of Phil Burrow's commercial endeavour as he is commissioned by NCP to extract the beauty of their car parks. We talk to Aitken Pearson, chief of the youthful and wonderful Madeira Film Festival and we talk celebrity portraits and tin types with Victoria Will. Hungry Eye steps into the hidden world of adult movie making… Read the magazine summary here
3.3 cover2

Vol: three, Issue: 2

Possibly the loudest image to grace the cover of Hungry Eye. Vasilisa Forbes’ project ‘WAX’ is undeniably striking. A hugely interesting talent, Vasilisa works across a multitude of mediums, including film and photography and in this issue she explains her intent to highlight the representation of women in media and the arts. Elsewhere in the issue, we learn of regular contributor Peter Dench’s exploits in the latest installment of the Dench Diary; which sees him gaining a VVIP (Very, Very Important Person) wristband. Sean Ellis talks to us about producing a film against all odds and on a shoestring, only… Read the magazine summary here
HE 3.2 Cover

Vol: three, Issue: 1

Here it is - the first issue of Volume three for your viewing pleasure. In this issue: Peter Dench returns to kick things off with the latest instalment of the 'Diary of a Sometime Working Pro'. Editor at Large, Jake Cunningham speaks with Dusdin Condren, an American photographer whose low-fi warm analogue photographs have lent themselves to a number of bands for album cover art Chris Patmore catches up with Michael Putland about his halcyon days of music and concert photography in 'Rolling with the Stones'. Mickey Smith describes what it is to lead the life of a photographer who spends most of his time in a wetsuit in 'Dark… Read the magazine summary here

Vol: two, Issue: 4

In this issue, the last in Volume 2, you’ll find our current selection of visual, visceral treats as we catch up with Peter Dench as he relays his [now infamous] diary. In this issue, Peter dodges bejewelled butt plugs, contemplates the likelihood of home cooked meals and reflects on the first ever Hungry Eye: Exposed event. Peter appears here a second time, in the shape of his latest, ‘in conversation’ piece, where he spends time with photographer and filmmaker Brian Griffin and elsewhere in the issue we catch up with British documentary and Magnum photographer, Martin Parr, where we explore… Read the magazine summary here
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Vol: two, Issue: 3

In this issue, we explore both the death, and the rebirth of film. Looking at the history and after-effects of a once booming industry that almost exclusively took place in Rochester, New York. Then turning our attention to the new breed of user in a Piece featuring ANTON and Kevin Meredith, 'Analogue Tribes'.  Elsewhere in the issue, we catch up with the ever-youthful Peter Dench as his takes us through his latest exploits in the 'Dench Diary'. We talk with Elliot Davis about his career in 'Zen and the art of cinematography' and Technical Editor, Tim Pellat, talks us through his… Read the magazine summary here
2.3 cover