Great Britons of Photography Vol.1: The Dench Dozen

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The I-1 Camera & App system gets an update, improving performance and photographic control in a wide array of shooting conditions.

The Impossible Project has… Read full story.

Adobe teams up with Imagine Dragons for 25th Anniversary of Premiere Pro

Are you the next up-and-coming music video editing visionary?

Today, Adobe is launching our “Make the Cut” contest in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Premiere Pro. We’re … Read full story.

Olive Edis Display Opens at Cromer Museum
5. LR Prince Edward (King Edward VIII) Olive Edis. Norfolk Museums Service

A new display celebrating the life and artistic legacy of Olive Edis officially opens at Cromer Museum on Wednesday 29 March

The same day a … Read full story.

Celebrating 100 Years of Gitzo

For the past 100 years Gitzo has been a pioneer in producing the finest camera accessories and supports using the simplest, most straightforward and elegant … Read full story.

Sony Unveils ‘Digital Filter’ App: An In-Camera Graduated ND Filter

Sony has released an interesting new app for its mirrorless and high-end compact cameras. The app, called “Digital Filter,” lets you divide your sensor into … Read full story.

Olympus Pulls Plug on Its Four Thirds Lenses

Olympus has officially announced that it’s killing off its Four Thirds mount lenses and focusing instead on the Micro Four Thirds mount. Although it has … Read full story.

Leica UK to Host ‘Jim Marshall: Jazz Festival’ at Mayfair

Leica UK has announced Jim Marshall: Jazz Festival: a new exhibition at its Mayfair studio, which will be open to the public from 17-28 March.  Featuring … Read full story.

DJI Proposes Higher Maximum Weight for Lowest-Risk Drone Category

DJI has released a white paper concluding the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) set its weight standard far too low for determining which drones pose … Read full story.